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Concealed Handgun Training




  • Specialized instruction available for Churches and Corporations anywhere in Texas!
  • Discreet business options available

  • Corporate Prices negotiated, based on class size & location.

"Although prepared for martyrdom, I preferred that it be   postponed."        Winston Churchill

“If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.”― Dalai Lama XIV

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Handgun (Pistol) Training And Qualification For License To Carry Firearms in Arlington

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I offer you my experience!  Serving others in Crime Prevention, Anti-Terrorism,  and Confrontation Management.

Bringing training and experience to people who need it the most, everyday people who just want to live their lives in safety.  Confrontation Management LLC was formed in 2012, to provide lifesaving training with the goal of ensuring that your home – and your family – stay safe. 

*Sector Supervisor internal security for Vice President Al Gore's visit to MacDill AFB, FL
*Internal security for Vice President Dan Quayle’s visit to Clark Air Base, Philippines
*Provided security for Vice President George H. Bush’s Air Force II, visit to Little Rock, AR
*Provided personal security for 13th Air Force Commander, during Philippines Coup

*Coordinated and led Phoenix Raven Deployments (Aircrew fly along protection), Bogota Colombia,  

  Panama, Dakar Senegal, South Africa, all mission personnel and resources secured and unharmed
*Provided nuclear security for missile escorts and Department of Energy Safe Havens

*Developed and conducted firearms qualification for team membership, and extensive training M-16,

  M-9 pistol, M-60 machine gun, M-203, and combat skills competitions

   * Clark Air Base RP Team, “1989” Pacific Air Command (PACAF) Challenge, Hickam AFB, HI.1989
     **Team - 1st place M-9 Pistol and all other events
     **Paul Anderson - PACAF “Top Gun” M-16 rifle
   *Represented PACAF in the “1989” Air Force’s Peacekeeper Challenge Competition
     **Team - 2nd place M-16 rifle Air Force wide
   * Military Airlift Command’s (MAC) Defender Challenge 1988
     **Team - 1st place 9mm pistol and 2nd place over all
     **Qualified and competed on the MAC Peacekeeper Team
         ***Won 2nd place Air Force wide - M-60 machine gun
   * MAC Defender Challenge 1987 
     **Team - 1st place overall
     **Paul Anderson 1st place M-60 machine gun
   * Airlift Rodeo international military skills and shooting competition 1987
     **Team - 3rd place worldwide - 1st place Military Airlift Command

Confrontation Management LLC is a company that will build your:

    · Awareness

    · Readiness

    · Confidence